About Us

Based in Ontario, Canada, we are committed to building upscale houses in exclusive developments. Deerbourne Estates is a development project of South Dundas Waterfront Development Corporation. All our homes are high energy-efficient, LEED certified and ENERGY STAR.

Our story revolves around a simple philosophy: regardless of who you are and where you’re from, we take pride in building extraordinary spaces for you to live and love, and we create long-term relationships with our clients by doing so.

With our passion for land selection, home design and “green” construction, we strive to expand and grow our business and transform the dreams of our clients into reality. We continue to flourish by providing better places, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

Our commitment and dedication to doing what’s right are evident in our diverse portfolio that exceeds the 200-high performance and LEED certified models. We implement the right strategy and approach for each of our projects by incorporating our core values, including innovation, quality, and efficiency.

At Deerbourne Estates, our procedures involved in creating developments fulfill the needs and requirements of any individual, family, investor, or business. Every masterpiece we create is born out of our goal to build healthy and prosperous communities.

From selling “green” homes to providing quality living to building exclusive developments, our promise to the clients and the planet is a significant part of what we do and reflects our principles and ethics.