We believe that things often unnoticed or unseen in a home carry more importance than the things that are noticed. Therefore, we value your time and investment, and address such critical details that serve as a protection for your investment, and save you time, trouble, and money.

Since we base our foundation on values such as dedication and quality, we have created The Holmes Approved Homes program to offer our clients a home that’s built right the first time – a house built with trust, integrity, and a commitment to Make It Right®. The Holmes Approved Homes program is all about protecting your investment and making sure you get a better and healthier home that’s built right from the ground up.

“The HOLMES Approved Homes Program is about integrating the right building products with the right technology, using the right building practices to build you a home that goes beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection.”

The Result? Simply a better-built home.


Deerbourne Estates is a “Green” development building high quality, energy-efficient homes by various modular home suppliers including Guildcrest Homes. We genuinely believe that buying a new house is a significant investment. It’s one of the biggest you will ever make. Therefore, choosing a reliable builder who uses leading-edge energy-efficient products and materials, possesses ideal work ethics and construction methods, and tracks quality control from the factory to the worksite is essential.

In business since 1991, Guildcrest Homes has been offering high-quality modular homes to thousands of happy customers. They have an expert, professional, and dedicated team of employees to create beautiful, reliable, and solid turnkey homes for secure, enjoyable, and comfortable lives of customers. A Guildcrest home is beyond a plan, land, walls, and a foundation.

Guildcrest Homes build high-performance factory assembled homes under climate control conditions. They ensure proper installation methods and better performance of the materials, which makes homes look good not only on the surface but even behind the walls.

Using only the highest quality materials, Guildcrest Homes are built to the highest standards. Their success is based on the ability to manage each project with proficiency, accuracy, and consideration by keeping the client’s budget and timeline in mind. From initiation to execution, Guildcrest faithfully maintains its commitment to offer an unparalleled service.

Furthermore, since Guildcrest Homes is now Holmes approved, they have a team of inspectors that inspects each house documenting everything they see. The process of inspection and documentation reinforces the peace of mind for clients knowing their homes are built right. Guildcrest Homes will make sure you love everything you see in your custom designed home.

From a complete kitchen and bathroom to decoration accessories, cabinets, windows, floorings, exterior siding, and much more – we’ve got you covered! We have experts, designers, and technicians available on the spot to assist you and ensure that your new home reflects your personal preferences and tastes.

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